Ice Cream Bikes


Our standard catering bike has a storage box, a shiny bell and three wheels, ok clever clogs it's a tricycle!

We have also produced a wide range of not-so-standard vending bikes to cater for our customers needs.

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Standard ice cream bike


So you’ve seen a bicycle you like but still it isn’t exactly what you're looking for? Maybe you require a canopy for shade or a freezer to keep produce cool? No matter you requirements we can customise a bike to suit you.

Not only do we make the bikes, we also work closely with a design studio who can provide you with all the bike branding, graphics and signage. So your vending business will literally be ready to go.

Custom designed and branded ice cream bike


So, how much are one of these spiffing tricycles? Our standard vending bikes start from £795, all prices vary depending on the level of customisation and quantity required. If you are after more than one, we can give you a nice discount. Payment methods accepted are secure bank transfer and PayPal. If you are interested in purchasing a bike or would like to find out more, please fill in the enquiry form below, and we will get back to you shortly.

Carts and Crafts payment till


As far as delivery is concerned, we have gone that extra mile for you. We use a reputable courier service based in Essex where these are dispatched from. We can deliver anywhere in the UK mainland at a flat cost of £75 per pallet.

Carts and Crafts delivery crate